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CAR Financial is a great place for semi-retirees like myself to work! Management knows that we are dependable and efficient.

Margaret Rubin, CAR Financial Services

I started working at Atlanticus in 2003 in the collections department. Since then I've had the opportunity to work on many teams within our operations department. As a result of my tenure here, Atlanticus has become like a second family. I have shared in births, marriages, graduations, volunteer work and a host of other things with my employees.

Micah Parker, Operations

Being the leader in the space means we must leverage the best technologies, be faster and easier to work with than the competition, provide the highest levels of service and vastly differentiate ourselves in the market. That said, what makes us special is the people who come to Atlanticus every day and strive to make our customers and coworkers happy. This family is dedicated to an ideal that we have successfully lived up to for over 20 years and counting.

Mike Fredricks, Business Development

As a newly minted professional, I know I have room to grow and a place to stay. Many of my colleagues have been with the company for 10+ years and have held multiple roles. It’s encouraging to be surrounded by co-workers who have stayed with a company they love for so many years. The leadership team does a great job of listening and responding to what their employees want and need.

Daniella Westin, Marketing